Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Here we go again!!!! And again!!!!

Oh well it was all looking too good to be true I guess. Heaven forbid that Rob should be allowed to enjoy the holidays with his loved ones at home!!!

A certain British tabloid published pap pics this morning of our boy out in London with his sister Lizzy. Ok they were on the street and the pics look like they were taken from a distance but even so. And no I'm not putting the link up, or telling you which paper. As I said before I'm not peddling their crap.

The thing that makes me cross this time is the fact that it wasn't just Rob getting papped, it was his family as well. I know that if you're involved with someone so famous, on whatever level, then you have to expect to be considered collateral damage where these things are concerned. But it's still hard on those around him. And he must feel so guilty that he's indirectly inflicting this on them.

I hope this was a one off. And the fact that he's been home a week and this is the first time it's happened is a small victory. But it shouldn't be happening at all.

So come on ladies (and gents, yes I know you're out there) start making noise again!!!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas!!

Well it looks as if Rob is home for Christmas. And the conspicuous lack of pap pics from either LAX or Heathrow is such great news!!!

I know photos of our boy are always welcome, but not by the paps!!

Does this mean that our voice is being heard? Maybe the paps decided they didn't want a bunch of angry Rob fans on their back over the holidays. Lets hope.

So well done ladies (and gents, I know there are a few). Keep up the good work.



Saturday, 19 December 2009

Are things really changing?

Well the great drought of 09 was broken the other night when Rob was spotted at Shanon Woodward's birthday party in a nightclub. Of course the rumours started right away that he was getting up close and personal with fellow guest Katy Perry. And, of course, the paps were there.

However there have been far less pics circulating than there have been in the past. And the video that someone made did carry a warning that it was a pap made vid. This allowed us to choose not to watch it, so I didn't.

Is this coincidence of real progress? Who knows. But the campaign is getting so much attention, and we do carry a lot of power as fans. If we choose not to buy into it then they may ease off.

There are rumours that Rob will be coming home to the UK for Christmas. This will mean Heathrow and the inevitable paps again. Now I have to say that, as it's a public place this isn't so bad. And it will be expected.

Even so let's hope that Rob manages to have a peaceful Christmas, whatever he's doing, and wherever.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Define Respect

I have been thinking over the last few days about the whole issue of respecting someone when you don't know them.
When we talk about Respecting Rob what is it we are meaning?
Well for me it means leaving him alone to live his life in between his public appearances. It means not buying the gossip mags that buy the pap pics and peddle the type of pictures we have been so shocked by.
But should it go further? I mean I am on Face Book and Twitter with several Rob fans. And I'll admit it can get mighty smutty. We are all older women who, to be honest, would know exactly what to do with him if we were given the chance.
I was merrily discussing the relevant merits of Rob's 'assets' in 'peengate 09'(as is was dubbed on Twitter). But I started to think. Was this disrespectful? I mean we don't know him so is it ok to talk about him like that? And what about Fan Fic? Again I am guilty of writing and posting that myself.
I came to my conclusions.
As far as the Fan Fic goes I know that Rob reads it and quite likes it, so I think that must be fine.
And the talking about him, lusting after him ect? Well I'm sorry but I'm a red blooded woman and he is too beautiful for his own good. If he was a friend, or even if I knew him only slightly, then I wouldn't discuss him like that. But we all do it don't we ladies? And not just with celebs.
I don't think it's disrespectful to fantasise about someone. At least I hope it's not!!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Respect everyone, not just Rob.

The campaign is gaining momentum, thanks to everyone for getting involved.
Thinking of Rob are in the process of making two videos of all the photos and messages they have received. It's well over a thousand now, this is amazing.

However it seems they are also getting haters as well. This is a shame.

I am well aware that not everyone agrees with this campaign. A very good friend of mine questioned it the other day. I take her point. She asked me to imagine Rob was at a party at the house next door (quite possible actually, considering the chap that lives there is one of the best guitar makers in the country), would I try and get to see him? Well if it was next door then I'd already be there because we're very good friends. But I took her point. I have to say I can't answer for sure because it's not a situation I have ever been in. When I met Rob it was at the fan event in Battersea Park last month.

I gave it some thought and decided that if it was a public place, say he was walking down the street towards me, then I would say hi and maybe ask for a pic. But I would ask, I wouldn't just take it. And if he then went into a private venue, a hotel say, then I wouldn't follow. And whatever the circumstances I would never use text messages/twitter/facebook to tell the world where he was. This is, I think, the difference between those of us who are real fans, and those who just get excited about celebrity.

I'm sorry for the haters. I accept they have their point of view, and are welcome to it. But this is something that means a lot to a lot of people. If you can't respect our point of view then please, at least tell us that in a respectful way. There is no need to be rude.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hitting the Airwaves!!

The 'He Doesn't Want This. Neither Do We' campaign is getting better and better. And bigger and bigger.

The wonderful ladies at Thinking of Rob gave a radio interview yesterday about the campaign and why we are doing what we are doing. It really is fab the way this has taken off.

You can hear the interviews here http://thinkingofrob.com/2009/12/08/podcast-of-tors-interview-with-the-vro-regarding-the-fans-fight-back/

And they have aslo set up a dedicated site linked to this one. You can visit the site by clicking here http://hedoesntwantthis.wordpress.com/

Thank you ladies. xxxx

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

He Doesn't Want This Neither Do We

Wow, we're going international!!! France has picked up on it. Read about it here


Keep it going guys, show the love. And show our boy we care.